Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizers
In our book, "Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works" by Pitler, Marzano and associates review the 12 most effective instructional strategies for student learning. Among these strategies is "Cues, Questions and Advanced Organizers." This strategy has an effect size of improving student learning by 22 percentile points. To define this strategy, Marzano states that it is enhancing students' ability to retreive, use and organize what they already know about a topic. It helps students acquire and integrate learning.

As a continuation of staff development for the year, we will learn more about using this strategy in the classroom and how to connect technology for student engagement. Please begin by reading Chapter 4 pages 73 to 85. Throughout this chapter, the authors give specific examples of how to use this strategy.

Once you have read the chapter, continue your learning by viewing the PowerPoint below. This presentation will further you learning and give you further example and tools to help you integrate cues, questions and advanced organizers into your classroom effectively.

You are welcome to work with a colleague on this or by yourself. If you have any further questions or need support, please contact Mary.