Nonlinguistic Representation

In our book, "Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works" Pitler and Marzano descibes Nonlinguistic Representation as one of the more effective instructional strategies to help students acquire and integrate learning. Nonlinguistic Representation is defined as the enhancement of students' ability to represent and elaborate on knowledge using mental images.

First, please read Chapter 5 pages 86 to 118 in our book. Then continue on with the presentation attached in this wiki.

Below is the PowerPoint designed to work through learning and integrating this instructional strategy into your teaching. Please view the PowerPoint, connect to the web links within the presentation and follow the directions at the end to complete your task for the grant requirements.

You are welcome to do this alone on your own time or with a colleague or two if you prefer. If you need more support, please make an appointment with Mary. I would be more than happy to help.