On this page you will find the presentations and trainings from the 2011-2012 advanced group training. This is made available for you for review or if you were unable to attend the training.

September 27, 2011

1. How we wil set up the Advanced Group training on Techie Tuesdays
  • You all have as many skills as I do
  • Need to share and brainstorm
  • Will use this training to see how to use the technology skills we have in the 21st century classroom
  • Focus will be on effective ways to take technology into your classroom

2. Review of Google Apps for Education
  • Docs
  • Email
  • Forms
  • Calendar
  • Sites

3. How to use Collaboration in Google Apps

4. Let's try it!!!! Shared document in Google Apps. Add to document entitled, "Topics for Advanced Training."

5. Review how to adjust to former revision, see who added to document and where, how to add comments or chat within document

(See document of collaboration)

6. Another collaborative document - "Ways to use Google Sharing in a school setting"

7. Conclusion - how other schools are using Google Docs

October 25, 2011

1. Review Google Apps - answer questions

2. Why use Google Forms? Discussion

3. Video training -

4. Discussion - how to share/email

5. Create own form - send it to each other to gather information

6. How other schools are using Google Forms


7. Brainstorm how to use iPads in our school - use Google form


November 22, 2011

1. Answer any Google questions

2. Break into two groups - those who want to work on iPads in the classroom and second group of those who want to spend some time in Study Island or Discovery Ed webinars/tutorials

3. iPads in the Classroom = this group will work independently with the shared Google document = they will come back together and share one or two ideas that they plan to utilize = we will collaborate these ideas and share them out to the group

4. Webinar/Tutorial group = Mary will start with this group and get them organized in which ever site they want to learn more about = they will work on their own once they have found the way into the sites

December 2011

HS Training

We will explore and discuss more uses for iPads in the Classrooms.

Edina Public Schools as an excellent resource that you may want to look at. It has ideas and technology tips that are across grade level and across the curriculum.


Kathy Schrock - Ipads in the classroom google site = “This site will be both a support site for my presentations about iPad use for teaching and learning and it also includes links to other iPad information pages. I hope you find it useful!”


Handheld computers are everywhere. From mobile phones to handheld games, it's a very familiar sight to see people of all ages gazing into screens that they can hold. Schools are discovering that handhelds like iPod touch and iPad make great learning tools. In fact, handhelds can play a big part in project based learning. Not only do projects motivate students because they use exciting handheld technology, but they also lend themselves to student voice and choice. Watch or read below to be inspired to bring project based learning into your classroom, learn strategies for creating effective driving questions, and see how an iOS handheld can play a role in the planning, research/investigation, and presentation of projects.


An iPad in Every Classroom: Teacher Tested, Student Approved!




iPads in Education


iPads in the Elementary = Follow along as a public elementary school in Chicago integrates the iPad into its first through fifth grade classrooms.



Digital Storytelling with the iPad


iPads in the Middle


iPads in the Secondary School


iPad Resources on Live Binder


iPods and iPads in the Classroom


iPad Scoop It


Elementary Session

We will learn the Basics of Learning Point Navigator which is an online tool aligned to Reading and math standards which teachers can use to support their teaching.