DecembeThis page is for the teachers who need to go back and review the basics on using technology in the classroom. These sessions will be presented one Tuesday a month throughout the 211=2012 school year. This is where the basics of using Google Apps will also be presented. Posted below will be the presentations and training for review for people in the basics group.

September 20, 2011

1. Google Apps for Educators video
  • This You Tube video is to show teachers the full potential of Google Apps

2. Logging in to Google Apps for Norman County West
  • Remember this needs to be at least 8 characters and must have at least one upper case letter and one number in it
  • Ron can reset your password if you forget it

3. Touring Google - where to find everything

4. Notes about Google
  • Google automatically saves
  • You can upload other documents into Google docs
  • You can download documents from Google to your desktop
  • Google prints by changing it to a pdf document
  • Google mail (gmail) has conversations in Google under one piece of mail in your inbox so you can follow the whole conversation without missing something
  • Can share events in Google calendar
  • Remember with Google you can access your account anywhere, anytime on any device with internet access
  • All of your Google information is private to you and your organization - Google has strong securities in place

5. Experimenting in Google - time to check out Google independently

October 11, 2011

Techie Tuesday Basics

1. Review sign in, calendar, documents, general information

2. Create new document, google will automatically save

3. Downloading out of the cloud and onto hard drive - check box in front of document then under actions go to download

4. Uploading from the hard drive to the cloud - on the document list page click the button labeled

November 2011

Using iPads in the Classroom

see document in the shared Google document for more information

December 2011

I want us to start using Google docs more because it won't be long until that is all we will be using (remember, Ron said the end of the school year). So this week we will do the following:

1. Answer any Google questions - reminders about emptying SPAM and Google account if you are using Outlook

2. Review how to get to Google docs

3. Learn how to use Google presentations - this is Google's version of Powerpoint

4. For those of you who are comfortable with this and want to attend this weeks Techie Tuesday, I have some new websites for you to explore as teachers. They are outstanding and have lots of teachers resources.
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