Today we will examine how wikis can be used in the classroom as an organizational tools, communication tool and collaboration tool with students.

To start today, please view the following website for an overview of how wikis can be used in the classroom. Note the directions tell you to roll your mouse over the icons for more information. Also, clicking on a link on the page will show you an example.

Now let's take a look at how some teachers use wikis as an educational tool. Click the links below to view the site. Please take some time to explore the various wikis including the links on the side of the page. Also, show your neighbors what you are finding and discuss ways that this would work in your classrooms. Remember to write any ideas you have down so you remember later.

Are you ready to get started???? If you are, or is your best place to start. Mary would be more than happy to get you started. You may also want to go back to the "teachersfirst" website listed above for tips and examples to help you organize. (I recommend that you make your wiki "Protected" or "Private" in the setting so that anonymous people can't edit your information.)

Good Luck!!!! With a little bit of work you will have an excellent resource for you and your students for any or all of your classes!